Sengoku Rance

Sengoku Rance  1.01

This is a full patch which translates all the text and images in the game
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This is a full patch which translates all the text and images in the game.

The patcher/installer can:

- Install the game from the disc.
- Patch the translation over the installed game.
- Will automatically patch ver 1.04 of the game.
- Will automatically patch over any previous translation patches.
- Will keep saves from previous patches and Japanese version.
- Fix “numbers appearing as letters in English locale” problem from previous versions.

Please be aware of several known issues in the patch:

- Some country and commander names are left in Japanese to keep the game from crashing.
- “Free for all” mode may freeze on startup. Please keep restarting until it works.
- There is overflowing text in game.
- Fonts may look weird if MS Gothic and MS Mincho fonts are not installed.
- Untranslated Japanese text or SJIS characters will look garbled in the English locale.
- The installer only works on Win2000 and above due to Unicode filenames.
- Save copying from VirtualStore on Windows Vista is not supported.
- The installer renames the saves to make them compatible with the English locale. You may want to make a backup just in case.
- There have been reports of saves not appearing in other locales. If this happens, run the game using AppLocale.

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